Nail Gun Accidents

Nail Gun Accident Law. Each year thousands of workers are seriously injured while using nail guns. Many of these injuries did not need to happen. Lawyers have sucessfully recovered large six and seven figure awards against nail gun makers for workers injured by dangerous guns that lack needed safety features. This site provides legal help for people with injury claims as well as information about the dangers of nailers. If you would like to discuss your legal options please contact us.

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Workers who have been injured by a nailer.
Nail Gun Lawsuits:
Millions for Injured Workers
- Company Wins, Workers Lose
Sample verdicts and settlements involving nail guns.
Nail Gun Overview
Types of Pneumatic Nail Guns, how they work and safety issues.
Nail Gun Safety
Protect yourself by working safe.
Your Legal Rights
How to proceed with legal action.
Nail Gun Injuries
Puncture Wounds, Eye Injuries, Brain Damage
Types of Injuries caused by Nailers

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Nail Gun Accidents
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